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A policy with Allstate is more than just car insurance. It’s personalized help from agents, innovative tools—like Drivewise®—that help keep you driving forward and quality coverage paired with great savings. Get an auto insurance quote and learn why millions of households trust Allstate for their insurance needs.

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More than just car insurance. Contact an Agent to learn why millions of households trust Allstate for their insurance needs.


Our Allstate car insurance policies protect you with:


Collision coverage

In the event that your car is damaged from an impact accident on the road, this coverage helps pay to repair or replace your car.


Comprehensive coverage

If your car is damaged in any road incident such as vandalism, theft or fire, comprehensive coverage helps pay for repairs or replacement.


Liability coverage

This basic coverage is usually required in most states. Liability coverage can help pay for other individuals property repairs or medicals bills incurred during an accident involving your car.


Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage

If a driver that doesn’t have insurance hits your car and can’t pay for the necessary repairs, uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage helps pay for the required repair costs.

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Allstate Insurance | Are You In Good Hands?

The common misconception that having an accident means paying a $500 deductible. The truth is, with Allstate Deductible Rewards, you can save hundreds on your deductible. Call for more details on how you can save on your car insurance.

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